Caching and Installation

Caching for high traffic

Give everyone who visits your website a rewarding experience.
Regardless of the traffic, your website speed should always be optimal.

As your website grows in number of daily visits and in concurrent visits, it will demand more memory, processing and bandwidth resources, which implies a significant increase in costs.

Our CDN / CACHE solution stands between the visitors and the web server to serve the content in a static way without saturating the server or the database, allowing to support a higher traffic at a lower cost.

This solution is ideal for digital newspapers, high traffic portals, blogs, and any site with a considerable and growing volume of visitors.

Colocation / Dedicated Servers

This service is dedicated to individuals and companies that have a very specific hardware need and require the placement of specific physical equipment available through the Internet and / or private networks.

We provide all the facilities of our data centers and high speed connections so that you can have your dedicated server available 24/7.

En este servicio, trabajamos de la mano con el cliente para identificar las necesidades específicas de colocación y satisfacer hasta el más mínimo detalle.

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