Virtual Private Servers

You have the control
You have the control

The VPS service allows you to have full control of the operating system and its configuration. It is ideal for applications that require more power, or companies that want to manage every aspect of configuration on the server themselves.

Available with any operating system

Our VPS are configured with the operating system you need. It can be a Linux distribution such as CentOS or Ubuntu, but we also have options with Windows Server.

Pre-installed software, if you wish

You can receive your virtual server with a completely clean operating system deployment, but also, according to your needs, we can include and / or assist you with any software solution that you need to install. For example, we can include cPanel or any other control panel.

You decide your plan

With a VPS you can decide all the hardware features for your server. On this page you will find some proposals for common situations, but if you need a more specific hardware configuration, contact us and we will prepare it for you.

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