SSL Certificates

Ensures the security and reputation of your website

Increase the confidence of your visitors and protect their purchases online

Types of Certificates:

Essential SSL

It is an affordable solution to make your website or intranet safer. It does not require an exhaustive confirmation, since the expedition is based on real-time domain checks. Your certificate is ready in about 10 minutes.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate.

This is the highest level of validation which offers visitors a 100% guarantee that you are on the right website. It is ideal for sites that process online payment information or other sensitive data.

Unified Communications Certificate (UCC)

This solution is designed for environments that require to protect more than one domain for the same service, for example the Microsoft Exchange mail servers.

SSL Wildcard

When you need to protect multiple subdomains on a server, a Wildcard certificate is the most convenient and economical solution. It allows you to protect all the subdomains you have.

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