Avoid annoying SPAM emails that clog your inbox.

We filter the messaging before it reaches your inbox so you can focus on the emails that really matter to you.


Unsolicited email (SPAM) is a serious problem for Internet users. It is estimated that more than 14 billion SPAM emails are produced per day and some studies reveal that 70% of the daily emails are SPAM.

With our solution we eliminate SPAM before it reaches the mailboxes. Through deep analysis and metrics our system is "learning" new patterns of SPAM for its effective filtering.


- Guarantee in receiving messages

Improvement in mail continuity. If for some reason the mail server of your organization is not accessible, our platform stores the incoming mail until the server becomes available again.

- Efficiency in hardware and software resources.  

Blocking the SPAM before it reaches the mail server decreases the server load as it does not have to load / process / sort the spam.


- Improve productivity.

The staff of your company can now focus on legitimate emails without having to devote time to the removal of SPAM mail.

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