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  • Storage Storage Unlimited
  • 10 email accounts10 email accounts
  • Mysql Mysql
  • BandwidthBandwidth Unlimited
  • cPanelcPanel
  • cPanelWordpress Preinstalado
  • Storage 15GB
  • Email AccountsEmail Unlimited
  • Mysql Mysql
  • BandwidthBandwidth Unlimited
  • cPanelcPanel
  • WordpressWordpress Preinstalado
  • Storage 1 VCPU
  • Bandwidth 2GB RAM
  • Websites 40GB Almacenamiento
  • Domains Linux
  • SubDomains 1500GB ancho de banda
  • SubDomains ---

Certified Data Center

Our services are supported on datacenters built for the placement of mission critical servers, with procedures and security measures certified with the HIPAA, PCI and SOC 2 standards. Put your services in the hands of experts.

High quality service.

Providing a service designed for efficiency is a task that compromises us 24/7 every single day.

Migration free

Regardless of the platform, the programming language (PHP, .NET, Ruby, Python, Java or ColdFusion) nor the hosting provider, our engineers have the necessary experience to perfectly execute the migration of your application.

Proven Experience

More than 15 years in the market, offering services to public and private companies with a team of multidisciplinary professionals highly trained and with a great human sense.

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